Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So last night was Biggest Loser night--no spoilers I promise! But very inspiring, as usual. My sisters and I are still having our contest, and had a total of 9 lbs lost this week! Alicia was the big winner with 7 lbs! Great job Leesh. I lost 2 more lbs, not great, but I'll take a loss. :)

I got to chat with an old friend the other night; she and I worked together for a couple years, and we had similar issues with opiate abuse. We lost touch for a long time but reconnected and I am so proud and happy to say that we are BOTH sober. What an amazing feeling to find an old friend who is on the road of recovery. Someone said in a meeting that our road has room for all of us, and I love that thought. Imagine an army of us, hangin' on to each other, lifting up the hands that hang down, reaching out for those who want in, moving forward and making progress, today. At the beginning of every meeting we take a moment of silent prayer or meditation for those who suffer, and I think I'm not alone when I say that we pray that others will find us and our road, however that looks for them, though not everyone does or can. I just learned, in talking to this friend, that a co-worker of ours, back then is now in a coma and will probably live as not much more than a vegetable due to an overdose. God bless him and his family. There but for the Grace of God... all any of us have is today. I digress... Very good to talk to an old friend. :)


  1. Recovery is such a blessing. I am so glad you found your way. Amazing things can happen! :-)

  2. Yes ma'am. I am so glad I found YOU, you were on that road and reached out, thank God. Happy to be on the road with you. :)