Monday, January 24, 2011

So what's the deal with water?

I hate drinking water. Always have. It has no taste, it makes me gag. Bleh. Recently I've been thinking more about my health and how I might want to pay more attention to it so that I will live longer than to age 40... My body aches a LOT. I was just diagnaosed with fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, and pre-diabetes! Seriously??! So I've started exercising more regularly and eating more healthfully, but I'm still downing way way WAY too many carbonated beverages and drinking mostly no water. Ever. I'll go a week and think, hey, I didn't drink any water this week. Huh. So here's the question I'll pose to you: will drinking water improve health? I'm willing to try...


  1. YESSSSS!!!!!! The LESS water you drink, the MORE water you will retain. This can cause MUCHO weight gain and make you look bloated/puffy. When I started drinking at least 70 ounces of water a day AND no soda, I lost 15 pounds of EXTRA water in my body! WATER IS SUPER SUPER IMPORTANT!!! :) I PROMISE you will fill so much better if you drink TONS of water.

    Read this article:


  2. Seriously, Ame? A week? I love water!! Maybe you should try it with ice or refrigerated. Makes a difference. You could even squeeze some fresh lemons or lime into it. You have got to drink more water!!!!!

  3. One of the ONLY changes I made almost two years ago was to stop drinking pop - lost a lot of weight AND feel better!

    I know at first it sucks - but I got used to it and now water tastes so good to me! *shrugs* good luck!