Friday, July 29, 2011

Annnnnnnnnd we're back...

Holy mother, it's been a MINUTE since I posted on here... Wow, how life can change. This summer has been life-altering. Today I feel strong, aware, involved, loved, lov-ing, comfortable, and progressive...

That's a start. :)

I am interviewing for a new job today. I have been unemployed since April. I am anxious and excited for change in my life. I'm letting go and letting God, today.


  1. Good Luck Mame, I'm anxiou to hear how it goes for you! Here is the best interview tip I can think of. Answer all of their questions with another question! For exampl:
    Interviewer: What are a few of your long term goals?
    You: Did you know that the moon really isn't made of green cheese?
    Interviewer: Interesting.
    You: If it were made of barbecued spareribs, would you eat it?
    Interviewer:Excuse me?
    YOu: Heck! I'd have seconds! Polish it off with a nice cool glass of milk.
    Interviewer: I think we have gone off course here.
    You: Well, would you eat it? It's not rocket science here.
    Interviewer: I think we are finished.
    You: Fine, but next time I'm bringing my friend Albert Einstein!
    Interviewer: YOu know that he's been dead for over 40 years right?
    YOu: If I bring him anyway, can I have the job?
    Interviewer: Goodbye Miss Hofheins.
    You: See you next time!
    See, that's how you do it Ame! Love you!