Friday, December 31, 2010

What are you doin' New Year's, New Year's Eve...?

Holy MOTHER it's cold out there! Took me 20 minutes to thaw my ride so I could run some errands. I'm thinking a longer scraper is in order; mine's like the size of my hand and makes removing snow and ice SUPER fun.

Got a good workout in this morning. I've been rationalizing putting off healthy eating with "well if I at least work out, I'm on a good track". Ha! Progress not perfection. Ü

I'm working tonight for the holiday, and I'm actually alright with that. This year has been so tough, and I'm not feeling fond enough of it to humor it with an official goodbye, so take that! Here's to a new one.

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  1. What? You blog? Welcome to cyber journaling! Sorry you have to work tonight.