Thursday, December 30, 2010

New Year's Resolutions, again. Again.

It's time, again, to set those lofty goals for the new year. Have mine ever really changed? *static* Lose weight, get in shape, eat healthily, lose weight, lose weight, exercise, get healthy. Really? Seems to be a perpetual pattern, no? Perhaps I'm missing something, like the actual steps to reach the goal.

Trying again. This year, I will commit to (and I reserve the right to change these at any time):

-Exercise 4-6 days a week
-Drink more water/less diet coke (!)
-Participate in a 5 and 10k run
-Track daily on

Writing these out where people can see helps me be accountable, and I'll need help from my support network to stay motivated! Any thoughts, ideas, shares, or other is welcome. Oh, and I will be starting this program of progress (I just alliterated!) on January 2, as there is much to tempt my love of crappy but delicious food left in the house, though I predict it will be gone by that time. Here's to 2011!


  1. Maybe I should just set a goal I know I can accomplish to make me feel better. How about, walk slower, or watch all my DVR recordings, or wash my hair with better smelling shampoo. BTW, you forgot to add QUIT SMOKING. Love you, good luck on your goals!

  2. I normally run (when not pregnant) and I'd LOVE to do a 5 or 10k with you come this summer... Also I used to have the same NY Resolutions all the time too but I did Weight Watchers and it totally worked for me-- YAY! That's all the tips I've got. I'm psyched for your blog though! xoxo!

  3. Anna, I must've forgotten that one. Must've... Ü Mary, that'd be awesome! I'd love that!